Our story

Hello and welcome to Nior London,

As a child, like most, I experienced blemish-free skin until I reached my teenage years. But, rather than facing acne like many of my peers, I instead faced something much more mysterious and altogether more complex. A skin condition I desperately wished would be temporary, proved to be lasting, leaving my body scarred and my confidence wounded.

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Leaping from one failed 'marvel cream', medical intervention and natural remedy to the next, no skincare promise could deliver anything more than hope. Seasoned brand names, pledging to achieve miracle results left me only disappointed, but somewhat intrigued.

Surely there was something I could create to alleviate the markings left behind?

So, together with an expert team of chemists and researchers, I embarked upon extensive research, product development and testing to create something truly unique: formulas that work. As the daughter of a pharmacist and entrepreneur, my father was also instrumental to my drive. Not only for the knowledge that he shared, but also for showing me the power of hard work. With his support, my team’s expertise and my own determination we achieved the outcomes I craved.

And so, from my own imperfections has come something remarkable. A revolutionary range of products, bursting with an abundance of active ingredients that deliver the results that they say they will.

In the creation of each, I have not only worked to develop something for myself, but for women everywhere with similar skin concerns. Whilst also aspiring to help other children who, for whatever reason, have lost a part of their childhood too.

Therefore, we are pleased to be able to donate 5% of the profits from every Nior London product sold to the UK’s first children’s charity – Coram.

My skin story was one of unanswered questions, curiosity, and ultimately, enlightenment. A journey that has been transformative and of profound purpose, in allowing me to fulfil my dream.

With this, there could only be one name for our range: ‘Nior’ – a blend of Armenian and Swedish denoting ‘cloud nine’ to reflect the happiness I have found on my way.

I hope the unique combination of passion and science in each of our Nior London products can make a difference to your life, in the same way it has mine.

Truly yours, Anika x


Our innovation-based philosophy is leading the way in ground- breaking skincare technology. So, as we return to our laboratory to create the next Nior London collection, we invite you to share #YourNior skincare concern, and allow us to tailor our research into formulations that provide the right solution.

Email us at yournior@nior.london or connect with us through our social media channels to let us know the Nior products you have invested in and how they are transforming your skin. We would love to hear your story.

Supporting our chosen cause

As a brand of integrity, we are delighted to be able to donate 5% of the profits from every Nior London product sold to Coram, the UK’s oldest children’s charity.

Founded and based in London, Coram has worked tirelessly since 1739 to help over a million vulnerable children. And so, the investment you make in a Nior London product today is not just one in your skin, but one in children and young people who deserve the prospect of a brighter future.