What is SPF and Why is it So Important?

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The Mystery of the SPF…

The word ‘SPF’ is chucked around quite a lot nowadays, so we thought it would be a good idea to start off by telling you exactly what it means. SPF (as you probably already know!) stands for sun protection factor, and is usually followed by a number anywhere between 2 and 70. As the numbers increase, the effectiveness of your sun protection does too; which makes sense, right? The effectiveness of an SPF is measured in how well it protects your skin from UVB rays and how much longer your skin can be out in the sun without burning.

But the real question is: why is wearing an SPF so important, and how will it benefit your skin? Well, Nior London are here to tell you…

1) SPF is the Elixir of Youth

Probably the most raved about advantage of wearing an SPF daily (yes, even when it’s cloudy!) is its miraculous anti-ageing effects. UV rays from the sun can cause premature wrinkles, sagging and uneven pigmentation, which is never something to jump around about! This is why wearing an SPF can help to protect your skin against these damaging and unappealing side-effects - and precisely why we include an SPF in our age-defence cream, Radiate! So, before you step outside, ready to soak up the rays for that summer tan, just take a moment to consider the long-term effects of going unprotected… Is it really worth it?!

2)  Battle Against Skin Cancer

Now this one has been under some cynicism for several years, and it’s hard to tell whether wearing an SPF really can prevent skin cancer, but we certainly think it’s far better to be safe than sorry! Harmful rays from the sun, specifically UVA rays, can penetrate deep into the skin and causes damage under the surface, which is guaranteed to put you at a higher risk of developing skin cancer. This is why we always recommend wearing an SPF to protect your skin against these rays - to provide at least a little bit of protection as, even if it’s not a foolproof prevention, it’s definitely worth something!  


So, whilst we love the sun and would never shy away from a blue-sky day, it’s still so important to remember, the damaging effects it can have on our skin too… Even in rain or cloud, those UV rays can break through and wreak havoc on unprotected skin! And if you are looking for our answer and #YourNior solution, well then we definitely suggest hopping on over to check out our Radiate face cream. With it’s built-in SPF, you don’t even have to add another step to your skincare routine; age defence has never been easier!

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