Treat Your Mum to a Little #YourNior Love this Mother’s Day!

Why Every Mother Deserves a Treat

Despite Nior London believing all our amazing mums deserve to be showered in nothing but love and affection all year round (they did spend 9 long months housing us after all!) We will be the the first to admit - it’s easy to forget to show our gratitude.. That’s why, we here at Nior London, love Mother’s Day for that additional, well needed nudge - we all need every now and then!

So, put down your phone, leave all the emails and notifications, and make some time away from that busy life of yours - to spend a moment with your mum. Whether it’s taking her out to her favourite place, or spending a cosy Sunday cuddled up watching her favourite film and cooking up a yummy meal. Use your time, to show her, that however busy your schedule might be - there will always be a little time for mother - daughter(or son) time to! 

But of course, don’t forget to buy her a little something special too! (no last minute bunches of flowers from the petrol station when you stop to fill up the fuel!)

It doesn’t have to be big or fancy... nor expensive either. Just a gift with a little effort, and some thought will do!  A way to show her that you haven't forgotten that she’s still your number one fan!

As every mum deserves to feel extra special on Mother’s Day, we want to help you go out of your way, and give her a day that she’ll remember forever, in every single way.. With mums often being selfless creatures, make sure that you find that perfect prezzie which makes her think of herself for a change. Why not try a little pampering product (or even a few, if you’re feeling overly generous!), or even a trip to the spa...

Still struggling for inspiration? Well then let’s resolve the guilty gifting with #YourNior...

If you’re still looking for a golden glimmer of inspiration, than we would definitely have  to suggest - Nior London’s Revive. Lightly infused with our delicate signature scent, this body cream is perfect for all mums. Whether gifted alone, or part of a hamper, we promise you - this one will leave her, feeling thoroughly loved!

Why Revive? Well... A lot of our poor mothers have suffered the consequences of ‘us’ in more ways than one, but stretch marks have by far, got to be one of the worst - impacting not only your body, but confidence too! So show her you care, and appreciate the sacrifices she’s made, with a little act of kindness and something in return. Formulated to help stimulate collagen production (the key for keeping skin healthy and repairing damage), Revive helps repair damaged skin, not to mention it packs a punch where hydration is concerned!

“This product gave great skin hydration and soaked into my skin really well leaving a lovely scent.” Rebekah

“I love, love, love this product.” Lorna

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