Spreading Our Love.. In London!

Whether you’re single or spoken-for, there really is no reason why we can’t all ride the wave of love whirling in the air as Cupid draws back his bow…Take a moment from the chaos of this fast-passed city, where life runs away faster than a Tube train, and use your Valentines day as an excuse to appreciate a loved one - amorous or platonic!

So, to celebrate Valentine’s Day 2017, we’ve collected a few of our London loves, to help you show yours, to those that you love…

Bob Bob Ricard

This particular oh-so-chic-and-sexy spot is so thoroughly #TrulyNior! 
With its diverse Russia-meets-Europe menu, endless glamour and fun, this one certainly won’t fail to impress either your date, or that frequently tougher customer: your wallet! 

Although, with a button that actually “asks” you to “press for champagne” - you simply can’t help but feel the urge to splash out… It’s like a big red warning sign saying “don’t touch” which automatically makes you want to!

Artesian Bar

With a selection of jaw-droppingly delectable drinks that are mixed up to perfection, this spot is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression, as your date will simply be sipped into silence! 

However, I recommend you don’t get too caught up in the thrill and buzz of the bar… This one may very well leave you feeling like you need to rob a bank or two to compensate for the loss to your wallet!

Petersham Nurseries 

Take a spin on the stereotypical candle-lit romantic vibe with a stunning floral setting for a bright and breezy romantic lunch, amongst the lush haven that sees the greenhouse as a backdrop. With the surroundings at this beautiful location being matched by its equally delicious, fresh seasonal food - you’ll certainly earn yourself brownie points with the better half!

All that’s left to finish the date is a wonderful ambling stroll along the river or amongst the deer of Richmond Park - you’ll probably need it too, to walk off the calories!

The Wolseley

Larger, and certainly less intimate (well, actually a tad bit hectic, but we love it that way!) this stunning grande brasserie is a perfect “cutesy” spot for a lunch date or a cheeky afternoon tea. With its grand Art Deco interior and its deliciously distinct modern European food, it’s not just for the lovers avoiding quiet corners… We’ve had many meetings here too!

Clos Maggiore

Repeatedly voted as one of London’s most romantic dining spots, this high-end French restaurant sees more than its fair share of men dropping down on to one knee. As the champagne corks pop in sync to their outstanding service! 

However, not only is the incredible food accompanied by a just-as-impressive wine list. But to really add the wow factor is served in a gorgeous fairy tale setting with a cosy open lit fire. So don’t forget to glance up - you’ll be left in awe as the glass roof allows a glow of the starry night skies to shine on through!

Electric Cinema

At Nior London we love things a little quaint, a little old fashioned, and a little less ordinary. And nestled in the enviable Notting Hill, just so happens to be one of the oldest and most romantic cinemas for that unique, yet classic, date night! Oozing luxury and charm with its leather armchairs, cashmere blankets and waiter service to your viewing chair, it doesn’t stop there… The front row has even been replaced with six luxurious velvet beds - how terribly naughty!

However be sure to book sharpish, as this one is such a hit, tickets sell out faster than cupid’s arrow! If you do just happen to miss out, don't worry - try giving the EveryMan Cinema a go!

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