Anti-Ageing: five ways to care for your future face

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Knowledge is an infinite source of beauty

One of the most important steps in retaining youthful skin is holding a good knowledge of what you’re putting on your face. As a brand that takes great pride in our ingredients and transparency, we usually find that many men and women are unaware that numerous inexpensive creams and serum brands contain a large amount of chemicals, especially those that could potentially cause more harm than good. Many also failing to contain any useful active ingredients at all, or at least a sufficient inclusion level to even notice a small result. Therefore our recommendation to you is, keep an eye out for those key anti-ageing properties within your products; ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid and Niacinamide, Matrixyl and Resveratrol - that are clinically proven to work.

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A healthy inside makes for a healthier outside..

A crucial element in ensuring skin maintains its youthful radiance, is focusing on the all your body’s need - both from the inside and outside.

You will have undoubtedly been told a hundred times to drink plenty of water, but we couldn’t repeat this enough – it really is so crucial for that healthy skin for years to come!

However this is not the only thing worth emphasising, but also, the importance of consuming plenty of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Found in so many foods; from ground flax seeds and olive oils for you vegetarians to fish and grass-fed meat for the carnivores amongst us, it really is so easy to incorporate into all types of diets. So our advice - stay clear of all the naughty processed foods and do your best to keep it natural, to let your glow begin from within!

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It’s ok to be a little sun-shy!

Sun damage is one of the top causes for premature ageing of the skin, so you most certainly should be vigilant with the level of exposure your skin is vulnerable to. By all means, this does not go to say never go out in the sun ever again (after all you still need it for that essential Vitamin D production!) We simply want to make you mindful of the importance of taking the right precautionary measures to make the time you do - as least damaging as possible!

So our guidance to you would be, take your time and invest in your skincare to find that perfect SPF facial sun cream for whilst you are outside (the higher the factor, the better!) And remember, try to get into that habit of applying it not only on those sunny days, but on a regular, daily basis too!

Wake up and smell the routine!

After you finally find those beloved skincare products that best suit your skincare needs, the next thing you will find yourself needing to do, is finding a way to create and stick to a skincare routine that is enjoyable. With the abundance of advice available on the steps you should be doing and number of times a day, in the end it all really comes down to one important thing - what best suits you and your skin concerns. So please don’t be so quick to give up on your products, the theory  goes it takes at least three months to see a result - so be sure to give your routine a chance and keep at it for at least a few months (unless of course, you see very bad results)!

Choices, Chances, Change..

Ensuring your lifestyle on the whole is full of healthy choices will do wonders for your skin. By cutting down on just one of those bad habits you may have, be it drinking, smoking, or steering clear of skin irritants and sunbeds, you may not realise it now, although an overall healthier lifestyle today, will leave your skin thanking you for it in the years to come too!

Oh, and don’t forget to make time to get enough of that all important sleep - after all this is when your skin is best able to repair. What better excuse is there to switch of that alarm in the mornings?!

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