A working girl's Christmas gift guide (and my Wish List, Hint Hint!)

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Relatively speaking, I’m still young (despite feeling 100 at times!) and like to think, have a fun side. So I am always searching for ways to keep my wardrobe multi-functional and day organised, yet spontaneous.. It’s a fine line to walk!

I need a blend and style that says ‘I Mean Business’ from 9am until 5pm, but turns on a pin come 5pm on a Thursday or Friday as I’m running out of the office door for a night out and cocktails with the girls.

However, this instant change (without an entire outfit change), isn’t always easy. OK, so I do have a head start, being the CEO and getting to set the trend - only having myself to tell me off if I’m looking a little ‘inappropriately dressed’ for a hard-nosed meeting with clients! But still, we all need versatility in our style!

Nonetheless, I bring to you, some of my style must-haves, which will keep you looking and feeling fabulous (and your days organised!), whether you’re running on zero-battery, been on your feet far too long, or simply have just had a horrid day that’s left you drained with no time for yourself. These are my little life-savers that should definitely make their way to the top of your Christmas List 2016!

  1. Bagllerina Carry Over Ballet Pumps
  2. Zara Oversized Silk Blouse
  3. Kaweco Chrome “Mirror” Sketch Up 5.6mm Clutch Pencil
  4. Lollipop Designs 2017 Year Planner
  5. Reiss Chiya Skirt
  6. Richmond & Finch Iphone 7 case
  7. Massimo Dutti 100% Cashmere Scarf
  8. Zara Asymmetric Leather High heel shoes
  9. Popski London Cashmere Fur Pom Pom hat
  10. Burberry Kensington fit cashmere trench coat
  11. Smythson Inspirations and Ideas Panama Notebook
  12. Warehouse Mistletoe Christmas Jumper

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