A quick guide to caring for sensitive skin

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Know your Skin Type

If you haven’t had a skin test, you should probably drop everything you are doing and book one now.. Just kidding! Although we definitely recommend you do so as soon as possible - we promise you won’t regret it!

A skin test carried out by a specialised professional will really help you gain a better understanding of both your face and everything it needs (not to mention - everything it doesn’t!).  So this would most certainly be a good place to start for all you sensitive skin sufferers out there. After all, how will you be able to properly care for your skin if you don’t really know it?!

Know What to Avoid

There are a lot of skincare products out there that will be irritating to any skin type, and we are the first to know, that when it comes to sensitive skin - these can cause absolute havoc! Luckily for you, Nior London have put together a whole post dedicated to things to avoid.. However, be warned, some of it is not pretty!

(We are talking ingredients poured into your cleansers being those very same ones used in spray-on oven cleaners - and that is just one example. So make sure you take a quick look!)

Although as we actually think looking after your skin is important, Nior London have gone to great measures to ensure that we never add harsh chemicals to our products. Which is why with #YourNior skincare, you can breathe easy when applying our products to your face!

Sun Protection

We know everyone, including Nior London, cannot stop moaning and groaning about the importance of sun protection - but that’s because it really is so so important! Layering on a trusty SPF every day is vital for all skin types, especially sensitive skin. Not only does it help prevent irritation from damaging UVA and UVB lights, but it is also an all-round miracle worker, reducing premature ageing and stopping irreparable damage too. Which is why our very own RADIATE face cream has a ‘built in’ SPF20, so there is no need for extra steps, cream or time to add to your morning routine.. You have absolutely no excuses now!

So we think it is fair to say there is no ‘right’ way to care for all sensitive skin types; everyone’s skin is so different and have such different needs, it is impossible to create one rule to apply to all. So our recommendation would really be: get to know your skin.

It is absolutely vital to know what makes yours tick and (and what doesn’t!) to make caring for it properly - simple. However If you still find yourself struggling, why not get in touch and we shall do our best to help advise you and match your skin with the product(s) that we think are right for you.. We are always happy to help!

The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine”  M.Murdock

In recent years, it seems as though everyone has been raving about having a good skincare routine, and in all honesty - we completely understand why! Using a select few products on your skin for a longer period of time actually makes them that much more effective. And after all, if you know what works and is good for your skin.. why change it?! So find yourself a set of products that perfectly suits you and just stick to it!  Although, that being said.. It is also important to make sure you listen to your skin. If you think it may be getting a little dry, don’t be afraid to reach for a slightly more heavy-duty moisturiser (as long as you already know it suits your skin type of course)!

For all of #YourNior formulas, we have tried to provide as much detail as we can, so that you know exactly how they work and what they are doing for your skin. Hopefully this will let us, help you, match the products you are using with what your skin is asking for!


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