A little Nior London BOOST this Valentines..

Whether it’s for a cheeky dose of some well deserved self-pampering, or a gift for someone you love, cuddled in its pretty pink packaging - this product is guaranteed not only to leave your skin with a boost… but to boost your spirit and confidence too!

What is Uplift?

Uplift is the perfect beauty boost for any woman (or man) of any age! 

As an ultimate skin restorer, targeting the suppleness and elasticity of skin, when gently massaged into the neck, bust and décolletage, this silky body cream works wonderfully on the areas where visible wear on the skin is most prominent.

Whilst suitable for all, this unique formula is especially perfect for those of you whose skin may have been through the wars a little - be it pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight fluctuations or simply age. Sometimes, all you really need is an extra little ‘lift’ to get you back into that skin you feel comfortable in - making Uplift your perfect match ;)

How Does it Work?

UPLIFT’s unique formula actually works by stimulating the essential cell renewal within the skin itself, helping to dramatically increase firmness, elasticity and resilience - giving that tired looking skin, a new lease of life!
However, it doesn’t stop there. UPLIFT also supports the skin’s natural cell structure, by not only repairing previous damage, but also providing protection against future damage too - leaving your skin with a youthful lift that we all long for!
Although, don’t just take our word for it - here’s a closer look at the facts about UPLIFT’s key active ingredients. When you take these, and combine them with our other specially selected ingredients to tone and firm skin gently but effectively, you have yourself a perfect magic potion!

Volufiline™: certified to stimulate an 8.4% increase in breast volume within 56 days
Bio-Bustyl™: clinically proven to provide an increase of 18.5% in breasts firmness within 30 days, as well as promoting collagen synthesis (and holding a whole host of other skin-boosting advantages!)
HyaCare®: Otherwise known as hyaluronic acid, which is the essential anti-ageing ingredient you have all probably all heard about before!

Why is UPLIFT our February's perfect pick?

We chose UPLIFT this month, as of course, February marks something truly special... Love! To celebrate Valentine’s Day, our Nior London gift of choice just had to be this one for so many reasons...

From it’s invaluable boost not only to your skin, but also to your confidence in the month you need it most – whether it’s looking your best for someone special, or trying to win the heart of that secret admirer, this special formula is a remedy guaranteed to leave you feeling fabulous!

UPLIFT is also a wonderful gift for mothers, who see love take on a “truly” different meaning. With it’s prime focus being on those of us who have given birth, breastfed, lost-weight or have simply seen age taking a toll – this cream makes a wonderful way to say thank you, and show your appreciation, to all the wonderful mummies who continuously make compromises for the greater good of their children!

Oh, and last, but not least.. Doesn’t every girl (and guy!) just deserve the chance to feel beautiful everyday (and not just one day of the year)?! Well than you’re in luck. As this gift may be bought (or received) on one day of the year – but it’s magic works for many, many thereafter (as long as you’re applying it that is)!

So if you’re feeling a little mischievous and thinking of buying yourself a gift now (instead of a loved one) – then we think we have probably done enough convincing already… Go on, don’t be shy. Treat yourself!

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